Many of us have been stranger’s to the darkness. Many of us have been to that moment where there is no logic or reasoning. The thoughts are completely and utterly chaotic. Emotions soar to a new high and there’s no turning back. Why is it that some of us have gone to the brink of darkness, felt the emotional drain as our lives feel like they will slip away. We tremble with fear within our bodies from that desire to be done. But what makes some of us survive this thwarting and unrelenting pain of depression or debilitating anxiety? The answers are not there.

Many sit in the corner of a dark room in thier young adolescent years hoping for answers to their pain. Aww you’ll get over it one replies. Don’t worry this will soon pass and you will be fine again. But there are some where the dark, grey skies come in with thunder and   black clouds l, the time tics on and the pain grows. The therapist spew words of encouragement that will hopefully last until the next time. But then the time stops.

This cancer called “depression” is a  taunting and debilitating disorder. We need to find some answers and help these people.


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