I’m stuck. I’m feeling overwhelmed and can’t move forward. I’m lost and confused. I’m trying to work through this. 

Life is hard and for some it’s harder. I’ve seen many things that can destroy you mentally and have been able to work through it. This time the walls feel like they are crumbling down. I don’t want to go forward. I want to turn back time. Capture everything again and make some changes in hopes that I’ll get a different outcome.

Why? Why did this happen? Why does it hurt so bad. I’m trying to go find happiness and make new memories but the emotions break down my walls. I’m vulnerable and unable to control it. 

Live life is what I tell everyone. Keep a positive outlook. One thing you get to choose each day is your attitude but I’m getting my emotions are trumping that. I don’t want to be around people. I want to hide from the world.


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