You wake knowing it is a new day. A new day and you’re going to make it great. Take your time and enjoy the world around. Capture those memories in your mind as if there will be no tomorrow.

Many times it has been said don’t put off what yout can do today because there might be no tomorrow. Emily might not see tomorrow but I will. I will find the light everyday I’m given and share my tomorrows with all that are around me. 

The glimmer and spark in my children’s eyes that were left behind is missing. I need to help them understand to live and love for today. Tomorrow’s can come and we will live them together.

Those moments we sat and chatted about wonderful trips, moments and silly times exist within us. Let’s grow new memories. Let the light shine in. 

Our hearts ache but w are mending slowly. Those moments will mend and turn into days that have passed. 

Finding the light. Finding the days. Finding the drive and desire. Finding new friends.

Finding meaning and purpose.

Everyone around me continues to help me find meaning. They are my strength and drive. They sometimes carry me when I’m weak and they won’t let me give up. 

Emily please let the light shine in. Help us to go on. I know you’re there and listening.


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