I can remember many things. I try and grasp each and every memory. A simple hug as she gets ready to go to bed. A kiss on the cheek when she gets ready to head out the door. As a 3 year she would get excited to use the water fountain so it would be a simple lift to take a sip. 
Walls are crumbling down without the sounds of her laughter, the smell of her, the conversations of her adult intellect or her life that she once lived. Memories are sparks in our minds of those moments that we shared. As I close my eyes I can walk through some of those times when she was once here. Listen is that her singing, is that the resonance of her voice within my head. I listen because I remember how beautifully she sang. 

Running away is what I want to do. The pain, the hole in my heart seems to large to mend. But I’m not going to do that. I’m finding purpose and meaning. I making a new puzzle of life and putting those pieces in place. This puzzle will always have one piece missing until I see you again. Love you little girl.


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